Explore Our Work: From our personal projects to website prototype/proposals we created for businesses that didn’t fully hire us, our Samples page showcases a variety of websites that demonstrate our capabilities. Get inspired and see what we can produce for your business.


Welcome to Jen and Neithan’s personal website, where we celebrate love and milestones in the most meaningful and sustainable way possible. We first used this platform to facilitate our own paperless wedding in 2021, and it has since evolved to become a secure and stylish space where you can cherish your most important memories online. If you’re looking for a paperless wedding solution that’s both practical and beautiful, or if you simply want to keep your memories close to your heart, you’re in the right place.

Harina Cafe

Harina Cafe, a cozy cafe and bakery in Naga City, needed a website to showcase their mouth-watering menu and unique ambiance. Pixel Zero created a website that not only highlighted their delicious offerings, but also captured the warm and inviting atmosphere of the cafe. With beautiful photos and intuitive design, the website provides an immersive experience for potential customers to get a taste of what Harina Cafe has to offer.

SunShayne Events

SunShayne Events, led by the talented and experienced Shayne Anciano provides planning and management services for corporate events to personal occasions. With a focus on seamless planning and flawless execution, Shayne and her team will take care of every detail to ensure your event is a success. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a company party, or a community festival, trust SunShayne Events to bring your vision to life.