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What is Pixel Zero currently up to?

Long-term Business with Long-term People

Below is a curated timeline of all our active clients with links to their live websites.

April 12

Website Development, Local Payment Support, and Enrollment System Integration for Asiawise Study Center [www.asiawiseu.com | www.asiawisestudycenter.com]

Website Development, Local Payment Support, and Enrollment System Integration for Asiawise Study Center [www.asiawiseu.com | www.asiawisestudycenter.com]
📣 Sharing the official launch of the revamped website of Asiawise Study Center, Inc. — asiawiseu.com / asiawisestudycenter.com 🚀 🎓 Asiawise is a leading tutorial, training and review center in the Bicol Region that has..Read More
April 4

Website Development for RileyNet Internet Solution [www.rileynet.net]

Website Development for RileyNet Internet Solution [www.rileynet.net]
🖥️ 📱visit link www.rileynet.net RileyNet Internet Solution is a leading wireless internet service provider (WISP) in Naga City, Philippines that specializes in point-to-point wireless networking. Their service offers fast, reliable, and unlimited internet data with 24/7..Read More
March 1

Website, Event Microsite, & Donation Portal Development for Angat Buhay NGO [www.angatbuhay.ph]

Website, Event Microsite, & Donation Portal Development for Angat Buhay NGO [www.angatbuhay.ph]
🖥️ 📱visit link www.angatbuhay.ph We are proud to have developed Angat Buhay’s website, a platform dedicated to uplifting Filipino communities through various programs and initiatives. Our team worked closely with Angat Buhay to create a..Read More

Pixel Zero is your Web Solutions Concierge

You can think of us as sort of family doctors but for technology.

You have us on your side always.

If a new technology comes to disrupt your business/systems, we’re your first line of defense. If something breaks, we fix it. Ready to scale what you have? We’ll lead the charge for you. Oh, what’s that? You thought of a cool skunk work? Sure, let’s develop it then!

Forging meaningful and trust-bound relationships with clients is at the heart of Pixel Zero.

When quality matters, choose us.

There are countless web development services out there willing to cut corners to offer you services at half our price. Developers who claim they are 'passionate' about web dev but don't even maintain their own personal websites.

When it comes to projects that demand uncompromising quality—be it in security, real-time systems, or enterprise-level solutions—Pixel Zero stands apart.

Our approach to development is rooted in a desire not just to deliver, but to excel alongside our clients. We believe in fostering long-term relationships rather than just completing projects and moving on.

We understand that the software and services that have truly made a mark and transformed sectors, big and small, are those crafted with care, precision, and a commitment to quality over time. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that when quality matters, you choose us.

If you share the same vision for yourself or your business we would be very much excited to work with you.

Explore our alternative pricing packages.

"The basic and premium plans do not feel like what I need." We hear you. Kindly contact us on Facebook so we can figure out the perfect package for your personal or business goals.

Pixel Zero Essential Web Development Package

For small-medium business owners, startups, and emerging groups/organizations.

$150 / ₱7,999
monthly retainer

  • $2500 / ₱150k
    Initial setup fee

    1 Perpetually Active Domain
    Domain name and management, SSL certificates, and other development licenses included.

    Complete website setup, design, development and deployment
    This package has you covered from initial design, development, up to deployment and website launch

    Social Media Integration
    Your website is connected to all your social media accounts

    5 Static Web Pages
    Evergreen website pages such as About, Home, Contact Us etc included.

    Ultra-Responsive Design:
    There are newer and newer devices every month, we ensure your website looks good in all of them.

    Basic SEO:
    We guarantee your website is the first to come up in search tags of your choosing.

    Content Management System for you and your team:
    We provide an easy dashboard for you to easily update and manage website content

    Escalating Features Integration:
    Pixel Zero continues to upgrade its technology stack and whenever we acquired better technology that is aligned with the purpose of your website, we apply it to your site as well.
I like this one!
Pixel Zero Commercial Systems Development Package

For large corporations, established enterprises, and prominent organizations.

$1,154 / ₱65,190
monthly retainer

  • $8,795 / ₱495k
    Initial setup fee

    1 Perpetually Active Domain and 3 subdomains
    Domain name and management, SSL certificates for all subdomains, and other development licenses included

    Unlimited Business emails
    including integration with currently used email and organizational correspondence systems

    Pixel Zero Signature 7 layers of security package
    We're using our very own cutting edge security code called SHA-5.5 and we apply this to all pages of your site

    Complete website setup, design, development and deployment
    This package has you covered from initial design, development, up to deployment and website launch

    Social Media Integration
    Your website is connected to all your social media accounts

    Unlimited Static Web Pages for your Site
    Tell us the new pages you need and we'll develop them full.

    Content and Design Revisions
    *up to 5 revisions before website launch date. 1 storypoint revision per month afterwards to maintain quality

    Custom Needs Package
    We will code you your organization's custom needed feature. Complete and end-to-end

    AI Tools Integration
    - We select, develop, and integrate AI tools that align with your business needs

    Enhanced SEO:
    Optimizing your website for better search engine rankings and visibility

    E-commerce Functionality and other funneling tech integrations:
    Setting up an online store to sell products or services is covered

    Advanced Analytics:
    Tracking and analyzing website performance and user behavior

    Multi-language Support:
    Providing translations and language options for a global audience

    Mobile App Integration:
    We can develop your website/system as a Progressive Web App so it can run as an app in the appstore/playstore. Development of the app included.

    Custom Backend Integration:
    Building unique features and functionalities tailored to your company's backend is included in this package. This ensures whatever we produce will work with your existing company frameworks

    Priority Support:
    Dedicated assistance and priority response for any technical issues or inquiries
That Sounds Awesome!

Memento Humani

Remember the human.

Pixel Zero is a team of developers fervently dedicated to creating technology-driven solutions that are beyond the reach of AI's capabilities. We believe systems that are designed to retain the vital human element are more poised to provide honest long-term solutions to real problems.

Neithan Casano

Founder, Developer

With a focus on crafting unique digital experiences, Neithan is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals and succeed in the digital space.


Jen Casano

Co-Founder, Developer

With a passion for technology and design, Jen leads our team in crafting innovative and effective solutions for our clients' digital needs.


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Word on the street

The value we provide from the POV of our clients
Prof Dr. Su Luan Wong

Prof Dr. Su Luan Wong

University Putra Malaysia

"I had the opportunity to work with Pixel Zero Digital Solutions during the COVID-19 lockdown in Malaysia to create a promotional video showcasing my current research work. The team was an absolute delight to work with. The final product beautifully captured the essence of my work. I was absolutely impressed with the team’s ability to understand my work and translate it into an impactful video. They are a professional, talented and creative team of experts who are truly client-centric. Overall, I would highly recommend Pixel Zero Digital Solutions."

MC Gregorio

MC Gregorio

Dev Ops Engineer, AnyonePay

1000/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I highly recommend Pixel Zero Digital Solutions! They are one of the best developers I've worked with. They seamlessly integrated AnyonePay and developed the backend and webhook of Angat Buhay in just two weeks!!! Their ability to accomplish all of this on their first attempt is truly impressive.

Allan Sioson, Ph.D.

Allan Sioson, Ph.D.

Head of Internal Analytics, GCash

I recommend Pixel Zero Digital Solutions for all your website development requirements! They developed the recently launched Angat Buhay website (https://angatbuhay.ph).
They will be happy to help you build website solutions that are customized to the needs of your company.

Robert Sottilare, Ph.D.

Robert Sottilare, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board, AIS Consortium

We were thrilled with the video products that Pixel Zero Digital Solutions developed for our Adaptive Instructional Systems Consortium Lightning Talks series in 2021. Their team was easy to work with and professional.

Jaycee Belmonte

Jaycee Belmonte

Angat buhay ph

"A day before the event, the organizing team saw the need for an event website. Glad that Neithan of Pixel Zero was game to help out despite seeking his help at the last minute. After listening to my colleagues' ideas and gathering the necessary materials, he was able to customize the event website just in time for our D-Day!
Thank you, Neithan! The event was successful because of the seamless website you developed for us, or let me rather say "with us" because it also felt like you were part of the bigger team!"

陳德懷 (Tak-Wai Chan), Ph.D.

陳德懷 (Tak-Wai Chan), Ph.D.

Chair Professor, Institute of E-Learning Technology at Chuo University

Pixel Zero Digital Solutions provides professional editorial services. Highly recommended!

Andrei Coronel, Ph.D.

Andrei Coronel, Ph.D.


"I have worked with them, and I am more than satisfied with the content they produced for me. They have delivered under pressure and under hard deadlines, and was able to produce commendable content."

Dom Manahan

Dom Manahan

Voiceover Talent

"It was a very smooth process working with them. They provided good guidance as to how the voice over script must be recorded and gave specific points that would make the editing of the recording as efficient as possible. The final video output was also within the requirements intended, having great visual elements and smooth transitions. Highly recommended!"

Kiel Lagmay

Kiel Lagmay


Their video editing is really great, most especially those in the ALLS YouTube Channel.